Keep the vata low this fall season!
What are your tips to to keep vata in check?

Your fav mudras, herbs, teas?
This is Vayu Mudra- to pacify the wind/air element.
Practice anytime you feel bloating, flatulence, mild headache, shifting aches and pains, abdominal discomfort.
Hold the mudra in one or both hands for 2-3 minutes, repeat 2 times a day.

From the book Mudra: The Sacred Secret Link in Bio
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Passage to Self
- A contemplative Journey
Take your time
-to enter your heart ❤️

Enter that cave
Take your time

Enter through the passage of breath
Let the breath be subtle and quiet
Let the prana shine forth
Take your time

Flow along with the stream of prana
Into where it springs forth from
Take your time

Till the prana become a thin
yet strong beam of light
Travel the path of fire 🔥
Travel with this light
Into the cave
Take your time

Till the light bursts
into thunders of silence
Travel with the sound of silence
Further into the cave of your heart
Take your time

Till the silence becomes the white particle of void
Stay there
Take your time

Focus not on it but enter into it
Piercing through the center
Take your time
Enter the ever present space
Now- You are that

This- YOU
Is the source of life, birth and death
Fear not
Unborn, undying.. always alive!
Photo: Credit to from the book 📕 Yoga Ancient Heritage Tomorrow's Vision , Link in Bio
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Yogi or Yogini?
There is nothing more strange
Then someone proclaiming

“I am the Buddha”
“I am a Yogi”
“I am the Guru”

When Indeed the truth is
We are all simply
a process…
…an unfolding
…a time bound yet timeless realization.

The one’s who indeed are
The Buddha
The Yogin
The Guru
Simply proclaim

“I was someone once,
I am no-one anymore”!
Thought of the day ⬆️
Picture: Indu seated in sukhasana, holding Bhumi Sparsha Mudra>> proclaiming earth as witness to all that is from the book Mudra: The Sacred Secret. Link in bio
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Studying with Indu Arora @induaroraofficial is a profound experience!

On any subject, she grabs your mind with depth and heart with love. Some students have said they feel in 20 years of practice, they’ve never actually understood Yoga until meeting her.

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Gayatri Mantra = 32 Mudras
Do you practice Gayatri Mantra with or without mudras?

Share in comments below 🤲🏼👌🏽👇🏽🙏🏽
Find the sequence of 32 Hand Mudras in this video and more in my book 📙Mudra The Sacred Secret>> Link in Bio plus here>> Mudra: The Sacred Secret

Indu is back! - hosted by KULE Yoga & Ayurveda
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🌙 Soma is the essence of life. A mind that is filled with soma is called saumya. It is state of peaceful, content and calm mind. It is not an unattainable elixir. Each one of us can attain, experience and sustain this state. The three pillars to Soma are Pratyahara, Mudra and Meditation. This weekend is a journey to SOMA within us. A must for any practitioner who wishes to bridge the visible gap between external and internal Yoga, physical and subtle practices, work-out and work-in. 

📿 About INDU @induaroraofficial:

Indu Arora, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist considers herself a student for lifetime. She has been sharing about Yoga philosophy, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda since 1999. She is inspired by and taught under Kriya Yoga, Himalayan Yoga, Kashmir Shivaism and Sivananda Yoga lineages. She has studied both Yoga and Ayurveda in a traditional Guru paramapara setting.

Her teaching style is rooted in empowering and inspiring students to awaken the inner Guru. Her core philosophy is, ‘Nothing has the greatest power to heal, but Self!”

📚 Authored:
Mudra: The Sacred Secret
Yoga - Ancient Heritage, Tomorrow’s Vision (known as The little Red Book on Yoga)
SOMA - 100 Heritage Recipes for Self-Care

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M U D R A ~ ‘to draw forward the bliss, harmony & delight from within’

MUDRA’S are a part of our Yoga & Ayurveda toolbox and we can think of them as gestures, seals or non-verbal communication firstly with ourselves and secondly with the divine.

MUDRA can be used for therapeutic as well as spiritual purposes. Through hand and body gestures we stimulate acu-pressure points to create communication with our brain.

This image is of SHANK MUDRA. Used to pacify emotional overwhelm and restlessness.

This week in my Sacred Flow online portal we will explore this Mudra and more! 👌🏼✨❤️

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Mudra Facts
Mudra are not just hand gestures. They are eye, neck, face, mouth, hand, feet and full body gestures too.

▶️ Drop a “YES” in the comments if you knew this fact. ◀️

Body Mudra for emotional purification >> Simha Mudra/ Lion’s 🦁 Gesture.

Once a day, sit in any position that feels comfortable, rest your hands on thighs or on the mat >> Push the chest out >> Drop head down and inhale with sound as if inhaling from back from throat >> With the intention to release anger, stress and anxiety, lift the head up, push the chest forward and roar like a Lion/Lioness.
Do this 2-3 times. This will help in emotional purification, bring confidence, courage and motivation for positive action. In Ayurvedic language, this helps in clearing the mano vaha srotas/channels of mind. Go ahead, give it a try.
What do you do for emotional purification? Answer in comments!
Want to learn more methods for emotional purification >> Click on this>> Shavasana Expert Registration. Begins September 23. Link in Bio

3 Rules for Mudra Therapy
1) Hold for 2 minutes minimum
2) Practice 3 times a day

3) Observe, don’t manipulate the breath
Get Mudra: The Sacred Secret 📕. Link in Bio
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Take care of your hands and feet!
Does your fingers stiffen up after mudra practice?

Does your hands and feet become cold during Shavasana?

Do you have achy and stiff fingers and wrist?

Does your finger joints pop and crack?

Do you have texting thumb?

Use Marma Massage Stick- click on the picture, right upon waking up and before bed for just 3-5 minutes or right before shavasana?
5 times Marma stick will come hands-
✅ In easing tiredness of the achy.

✅ Helps boost circulation to the fingertips and toe tips before Shavasana to keep you warm

✅ Use marma stick on your hands before mudra practice to ease into the mudras

✅ In the age of texting and palm size smart devices or if you are knitter, writer, painter or someone who does a lot of fine motor movements with hands, you know we often end up overworking our hands. It puts excessive pressure on the thumb, finger joints and wrist. Marma stick helps as an erasing tool for that tension built up as repetitive stress injury.

✅ Excellent for those who experience stiffness in the hands and feet due to early stages of arthritis.

Deepen your understanding of Shavasana abd become a rest guide. Training begins September 23. Registration open. Link in bio.

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Chin Mudra; sakinleştirir, derin nefesler almanızı sağlar, size yeniden başlamak için güç ve enerji verir👌💚 @yoga_shanti_istanbul #mudralover #mudrayoga #mudratherapy #mudrathesacredsecret

Chin Mudra; sakinleştirir, derin nefesler almanızı sağlar, size yeniden başlamak için güç ve enerji verir👌💚 @yoga_shanti_istanbul #mudralover #mudrayoga #mudratherapy #mudrathesacredsecret

What is a Mudra?
- Mudra is an external expression of the inner resolve (Sankalpa) , suggesting that such non-verbal communications are more powerful than the spoken word.

What is your Mudra today? Did you take a sankalpa?
Swipe left to see/purchase the Sankalpa wrap that I designed for @balimalas108
Learn about the connect between Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha in the upcoming virtual training in collaboration with @ashevilleyogacenter Link in bio.
Image: Hands in anjali mudra with a red flower in the center of palm. The hands are ready to form Sankalpa Mudra. The picture is from the book Mudra The Sacred Secret. Purchase in Shop (Instagram) or

Last day for the LIVESTREAM on Harnessing the Superpower of Emotions- Joy, Sorrow, Fear and Courage.

There is a difference between Emotion, Feeling, Mood, Sentiment, and Disposition
Emotions ARE what makes us, realizing their superpower brings us closer to our true Self. By knowing them we can contribute to global peace through kindness, compassion and love.
You can still purchase the course - Link in Bio plus purchase the book bundle and other products- or simply click the picture.

Mudra for the mind to raise awareness on Mental Health Month.

Are you feeling sad, heavy, dejected and teary? First of all, it is normal. When we go through big, unpredictable and unforeseeable changes- it stirs and challenges our idea of hope. This is the time to feel all that you are feeling but also addressing it in a healthy way.
Practice Tse Mudra as many times as well as whenever you feel the need for this energy of uprising with focus on long exhalations from mouth.
Tse is a Mudra of Chinese and Tao tradition. Tse means “strong and powerful like a rock.”

3 Main benefits:

1. It helps in when one feels a sense of inertia and dullness removing tamas and invoking sattvika rajas.
2. It helps in awakening the solar ☀️ energy of the body activating the pingla Nadi (solar channel through right nostril breathing)
3. It helps in easing emotional stagnation and gives inner strength.
Kim Tawm, an authority on Chinese medicine, writes that according to the Taoist monks, “Tradition says that this Mudra chases away sadness, reduces fearfulness, turns away misfortune and bad luck, and overcomes depression”.
This post is dedicated to all those who have suffered in the past living living under the stigma of mental health conditions. It is dedicated to those who need care and guidance but cannot access it. It is dedicated to those who are working hard on themselves and showing courage to show up for themselves. It is also for the families of those who are in need of care. May the universe accept our prayers for your mental health, wellness and constant protection.
From the 📖 Mudra The Sacred Secret. Read Page No. 166-168
If you would like to learn about the Superpower of Emotions, join me this May 17, the 4 session workshop on “Superpowers of Joy and Sorrow”, hosted by @yoga_international Handouts, worksheets, log sheets provided. Link in bio

World Book Day 2021!
I am a proud author of 3 self- published books.
Book 1:

Mudra The Sacred Secret 2015. translated in French and German too
Book 2: YOGA Ancient Heritage Tomorrow’s Vision 2019
Book 3: SOMA 100 Heritage Recipes For Self-Care 2020
Do you have one, two or all three of them? If yes, do comment and share which one do you have and which country/City are you from? Share some book love ❤️
These books have been shipped to Japan 🇯🇵 , Australia 🇦🇺 , New Zealand 🇳🇿 , India 🇮🇳 , Hong Kong 🇭🇰, China 🇨🇳, Hungary 🇭🇺, Italy 🇮🇹, Germany 🇩🇪, Switzerland 🇨🇭, France 🇫🇷, Canada 🇨🇦, United Kingdom 🇬🇧, Belgium 🇧🇪, Brazil 🇧🇷 among others!
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Happy Earth Day!
Earth: Prithvi Or Vasudha in Sanskrit

Derived from the root ‘prath’ meaning pervasive, stretched out, spread out, expanded
Vasudha: Derived from verb root “dha” it means that which holds or contains or sustains. “vasu” means wealth, abundance or prosperity. Vasudha is another name of earth, which holds and sustains its beings and provides abundance, health, wealth and prosperity to all.

Prayer: May we continue to act as if this entire earth, its beings and the mother nature is my family - Vasudha-eva Kutumbakam
To Pledge: According to the Vedic texts there are five kinds of debts on all human beings and one of them is “Bhuta Rina” which means the debt that we carry of earth, plants and five elements. One can pay it back by being kind, considerate and loving to the earth. Not take more then what is needed and always replenish it. Take a pledge to treat earth, its beings and its resources with reverence, gratitude and with the attitude of given back.
To Practice Today and Everyday : At the end of your yoga practice/ upon waking up/ before going to bed- Touch the earth/floor and mentally say: With Earth as witness, I offer all the experiences (pleasant/unpleasant, accomplishment/failure) of my practice to the lineage of realized beings. Idam Na Mama - This is not mine.

Image: An Indian woman wearing a turquoise hand weaved cotton shirt. Only her torso is visible. Her hands are in open prayer gesture, she is holding marigold flowers in her hands and offering them to the five elements as a gesture of gratitude, reverence and love. The five elements are held in three steel dishes, holding moistened dirt/earth , fire as a flame, flower and incense are air and ether respectively.

A mudra for you today! This one is called Avahana Mudra, it is used as an invocation, use it to call upon or invite anything creative or divine into your life.

Practice this mudra during your next mindfulness practice to invoke peace, kindness, love, happiness or forgiveness. Better yet invite these things for others, unconditional love is only achieved through giving, receiving is the inevitable result. ⠀
By Teri Lynn Blackwell⠀
#ayurveda #mindfulness #wellness #meditation #mudrathesacredsecret #mudra

Another Mudra for you to investigate. This is, Avahana Mudra:

Mudra of Invocation used while praying, chanting and rituals. This mudra can be used to invite or call upon anything creative or divine into your life. Try this Mudra next time you are ready for a change or some new peace and prosperity or even an adventure, or to invite courage, health, forgiveness, happiness! How about all of the above. Maybe this Mudra is an antenna to the cosmos and we have a direct line to the source of all creation!? Or maybe not who knows. All that really matters is that these practices bring calmness and pleasure to your daily mindfulness routine. Enjoy this guys. Namaste 🙏🏻 #mudra #induarora #mudrathesacredsecret #ayurveda #selfcare #wellness #meditaion #mindfulness

Be Victorious!
by losing unnecessary arguments
transcending futile conflicts

When the goodness of your heart
outnumbers the mindless thoughts
You ARE Victorious
When the contentment you experience effortlessly
outnumbers the unfulfilled desires
You ARE Victorious
When the wisdom of life
overflows the fear of death
You ARE Victorious
When the deepest layer of silence
Surfaces up
on the shallowest layer of chatter
It dissolves within its heart
All that is unresolved
Seek that victory!
From time immemorial, human beings have expressed that which is otherwise difficult in the form of poetry. What are you feeling today? Pain, happiness, confusion, sadness, anger, disgust, bravery, love, compassion...or a combination. Whatever it is, don’t hide it or suppress it, instead- EXPRESS IT.
Image Description: An Indian woman (myself) seated in meditation pose (sukhasana), wearing a red long cotton shirt, red leggings with her right hand in Abhaya Mudra - the gesture of fearlessness and left hand resting comfortably on the left knee, palms down. He eyes are closed, portraying insightful state of mind, face bearing a calm attitude. Photo from the book Mudra The Sacred Secret. Link in Bio/Book available for purchase in SHOP.

16 years of being an author!
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"All we need to do is pause and observe the self, the interaction process and how the body expresses itself without the use of words," writes Yoga and Ayurveda teacher Indu Arora @induaroraofficial.

"Be watchful of the communication process with the subtle energies."⁠

The breath is the best access point for connecting with subtle energies. It's free, after all, with us at all times, and requires zero privilege or permission. ⁠

Yet it is perhaps due to the breath's constant and automatic nature that our minds are not immediately interested in it. We tend to allow it to go on leading itself (and our Selves) in the process. ⁠

By taking conscious control of the breath and checking in from time to time, we begin the interaction process that Indu Arora is talking about, tuning into the subtle energies and miracles happening within us and all around us. ⁠

Wearing the Halo Straw™ serves as a reminder to interact with the breath more frequently and helps us do so with less mental strain. ⁠

By simply holding onto and interacting with the Halo Straw™ as you breathe, your senses get involved in a tangible, tactile way. Sensing and feeling in this way puts you in cortical control (meaning your brain is automatically involved). ⁠

Simply put, you don't have to rely on your wandering mind to stay put on its own because the Halo Straw™ keeps you fully engaged with less effort. ⁠

Yes, please 🙋‍♀️ ⁠

In the end, I like to think that wearing the Halo Straw™ and using it with regularity brings us that much closer to truly seeing what Indu Arora calls "the miracle in every moment." ⁠

And I dunno about you, but I could sure use a few more miracles right about now... ⁠

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Q: What are your thoughts on yoga teachers offering Namaste/ Namaskaras 🙏🏽 at the beginning or ending of a yoga class?

I've heard rumbles of this being cultural appropriation.
A: It is our responsibility to keep learning. No matter how basic/ familiar the concept is (like Namaste/ Om/ Shavasana etc), there are layers to it. The moment we think we know is the moment we must wake up to explore more. This stagnation leads to in-appropriation/ confusion/ half baked truth. Offering Namaskar 🙏🏽 is beautiful as long as we do not do it to prove authenticity/ tradition/ knowledge of Yoga/ tick mark.
I have a full blog post on the meaning of Namaste, the use if Namaste and the various types of Namaste on my website. Check link of my website in my bio.